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General Questions?


Where the heck does the name Meez come from?

The name Meez Meals was inspired by the cooking philosophy of Mise En Place – French for having everything ready to go when you’re ready to cook. We love the idea, but our French is challenged. So we went phonetic: Meez.

What’s so special about cooking dinner from scratch?

We believe dinnertime is about more than the food.  When you cook dinner from scratch, life slows down for a minute.  The house smells great. The kids hang out in the kitchen.  And the chore of cooking dinner has suddenly become quality time.

How does Meez make it easy?

We deliver the ingredients for dinner prepped and ready to cook so you cook from scratch, now matter how busy your day.  The carrots are peeled, the onions are sliced, the peppers are diced and the spices are measured. And because there are no knives, kids can help every step of the way, turning a daily chore into fun family time.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to nearly every zip code in the US.

Is there an obligation?

There’s no commitment or subscription with Meez.  Order what you like, when you like.

Will I like the food?

We sure hope so!  You choose from new fun and unique recipes each week. They’re built around what’s in season and what we love to eat ourselves. Then we pack them with power veggies and lots of whole grains.  You see everything that goes into the dish, and you get to discover recipes and ingredients you didn’t know you loved.  From re-imagined classic comfort food to cross-cultural fusions and traditional classics from other countries, you’ll find new favorites every time you cook with us.

Is it green to cook with Meez?

Yes!  Meez is the country’s only Certified Green Restaurant®  DIY meal kit service.  From composting our kitchen waste to choosing recycled paper for our office, we are committed to being green.  We source from local Midwestern companies in , cook with seasonal ingredients and even built our kitchen close to major transit to keep our environmental footprint small.

How are the meals delivered?

Throughout Chicagoland we have a team of friendly messengers who deliver meals in reusable insulated cooler bags.  Everything is packed to stay cold, so you have time to get things into the fridge.  We reuse the bags and cold packs, so you can just leave them out when you’re expecting your next delivery, and we’ll take it from there. Outside of Chicago, we utilize 100% recyclable shipping materials and all our shipment are carbon neutral. 

Do I need to be there for my delivery?

Absolutely not. Everything is packed to stay cold, so there’s no need to rush home. Meals will be fine as long as they get refrigerated by 10 pm on the day of delivery.

How long do the meals take to prepare?

Most meals are on the table in about 20 or 30 minutes.  You can see the details of each recipe in the hover box that pops up over the menu.  You’ll see the cook times are based on the time from when you start cooking until the meal is on the table.  The two things it doesn’t include are the time to preheat ovens or get water boiling.  Do those as soon as you think about dinner, before you get into cooking mode.  

What if I need help?

We include step-by-step instructions with every recipe.  If you have questions as you cook, you can call the Dinner Hotline.  We’re standing by every night from 5 to 8 at 773.916.6339 (MEEZ). 

How many people do the meals feed?
We offer meals sized just right for 2, 3, 4 or 8 people. Whether you're serving the family, want some extras for lunch or having some friends over for dinner, we've got you covered.
Where can I find nutritional information?

Look for the Health Snapshot in the hover box for each recipe on on the homepage right side, where you can download recent weeks' menus. Check out the Lighten Up Tips for preparing recipes around 500 calories or less.  When you start cooking with Meez, you’ll see our recipes are packed with vegetables, and it’s the ideal way to kick start a healthy diet.

How is everything packaged?

We peel, slice and dice all the ingredients, then package them in compact, airtight bags, sealed containers, or other appropriate packaging. We researched a lot of packaging options, and these have less packaging waste than other containers and keep ingredients fresher, longer.  Pretty great when it turns out that way, right?

How long do the ingredients stay fresh?

Everything is packed to stay fresh for five to seven days.  That means that you’ve got until Friday or Sunday night to cook the meals. 

I live in Chicagoland - what do I do with the cooler bag?

We re-use the cooler bags and gel packs, so hold onto them until you’re expecting your next delivery.  Then just leave them out us and we’ll swap it out for you.  (Don't worry if there's a gap between orders.  We'll swap it out whenever you're ready to cook with us again.)

Can I modify the meals as I cook?

Of course! We provide the components for the meal, but you can customize them as you’d like. Add extra vegetables. Hold back some of the spice. Use extra garlic.  We expect every member’s dinner will be a little different. It’s your meal, so make it the way you like.

Do you use organic ingredients?
Most of our ingredients are conventional. We use all local suppliers and certain items like our tofu are organic and artisan.
Where are you located?
Evanston, IL.
Do you have gluten-free meals?

Yes!  Just let us know you’re gluten-free and we’ll swap out wheat pasta for gluten-free pasta, include rice instead of couscous and use gluten-free soy sauce in your dishes. Just look for our gluten-free friendly dishes in the menu.

Do you have vegan or dairy-free meals?

Absolutely!  We love vegan recipes and feature 3 to 4 each week which are vegan or can be made vegan without losing the magic of the dish. Look for our vegan-friendly dishes in the menu and let us know you’re vegan or dairy-free when you sign up.

Do you take other special requests?

Of course! Whether you’re avoiding nuts, hate onions, dislike blue cheese or anything else, just let know when you sign up so we can keep these ingredients out of your meals.

Where do you prep the ingredients?

Our commercial kitchen is in Evanston. We have Illinois Food Sanitation Licenses and are inspected regularly by the Health Department. We take food safety very seriously and have a A+ rating with the Evanston Health Department.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We sure do.  Meez makes a great gift for new parents, newlyweds or anyone interested in home-cooked meals.  Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll put together just the right package for you. 

Do you share your recipes?

Yes!  We love to share our members’ favorites.  Visit our recipe blog for ideas and inspiration.

What kind of meat do you use in your recipes?
We work with great great family farmer partners to source organic, cage-free chicken and only use responsibly fished salmon in our recipes.
How much do the meals cost/what is your pricing?
Prices vary by entree and depending on how many servings of a particular meal you order - the more servings the lower the price. All entrees are between $9 and $15 per serving. Our salads, snacks, and sides are usually between $7 and $10. Delivery is always free.

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"I cannot get over how much fun this week has been with Meez! It was delightful to come home from work on Monday and be eating within a half hour of getting home. It was amazing!"
Caroline, Lakeview