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It’s All About The Food

Dinner has to taste great. And it’s got to be a little bit surprising. Oh, and by the way, it should be good for you too.

After a long day’s work, that’s a pretty tall order. At Meez, it’s what we do every day.

You choose from new, interesting recipes each week. They’re built around what’s in season and what we love to eat ourselves. Then we pack them with power veggies and lots of whole grains.

Re-imagined classic comfort food. Cross-cultural fusions. Traditional classics from other countries. Our inspirations come from around the world and our own back yard. We add a special spin and the results are amazing meals that are on your table in minutes.

Great food goes beyond the recipes though. Great dinners start with great ingredients. So we work with local partners, because we know they can find us the best ingredients closest to home.

The best ingredients. Lots of veggies. Interesting flavor combinations. With Meez, cooking great food is simple.

Simply Great Food

Food should taste great and should be good for you. Sound like a challenge? Not with Meez.

We start with lots of veggies cooked up in tasty and creative ways. Then we’re mixing them up with whole grains, fresh herbs, aromatic spices and just enough fat to make things yummy.

Because at the end of the day, tasting great is what matters.

Details Matter

The Best Ingredients We work with local companies to bring you the best ingredients so your dinners are incredibly fresh and delicious. Whether it’s a family-owned produce company, a 75-year-old bakery or an artisan tofu maker, we’re working with the best in the business.

Make It Your Own This is home cooking, so you can make the meals your own. Hate cilantro? Let us know and we’ll leave it out. Want to add something extra from your refrigerator? These meals are flexible!

Member Raves

Susan, Inverness

"Each dish, that I prepare, is a tasty and healthy surprise. Meez trimmed hours from my weekly cooking schedule while adding healthful and rare mixes of flavors. You had me at first bite!"

Lauren, Humboldt Park

"The meals are so creative and truly encourage a healthy array of veggies and protein in our vegetarian diet, which can be hard to maintain with our busy lives. Keep up the great work!"

Special Diets

Looking for something special? You’ve come to the right place.

At Meez, we’ve got something for everyone.

Vegetarian Meals

We pride ourselves on the incredible, unmatched selection of vegetarian recipes on our menu. They also inspire our creativity and take us on a culinary adventure that we just love.

Fish, Chicken, Steak & more

We use only the best quality fish, chicken, and steak we can find like responsibly fished salmon and cage-free, all-natural chicken that is never given any hormones or steroids.

Smart Low-Fat and Low-Calorie Meals

With fresh ingredients, tasty menus and new recipes each week, Meez makes it easy to kick start a healthy diet. Best of all, you’re doing the cooking, so you decide how much oil, cheese and pasta to add, so you can lower the fat and calories in our dishes as you cook.

Gluten-Free Friendly

Hold the gluten. Let us know you’re gluten-free and we’ll swap out wheat pasta for gluten-free pasta, include rice instead of couscous and use gluten-free soy sauce in your dishes. Just look for our gluten-free friendly dishes in the menu. Our meals are prepared in a kitchen where we also handle gluten, so let us know if you require 100% gluten free.


We love vegan recipes and feature 3 to 4 each week which are vegan or can be made vegan without losing the magic of the dish. Look for our vegan-friendly dishes in the menu and let us know you’re vegan when you sign up.

Special Requests

Avoiding nuts? Hate onions? Can’t stomach spicy food? Let us know when you sign up so we can keep these ingredients out of your meals.

Food Allergy Notice

Our facility processes milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and soybean, fish, and shellfish on shared equipment.